Avalanche Advisory Block

Avalanche Advisory: Saturday - Apr 28, 2018

Bottom Line:

This is the last snowpack summary for the 2017/18 season. We would like to thank everyone for your financial contributions and snow observations throughout the season. We couldn’t provide this valuable service without your support. Enjoy the spring skiing. We are looking forward to serving the Eastern Sierra community next season. 

Loose Wet avalanches continue to be the primary concern through Monday. Timing is key to avoiding Loose Wet avalanches. Plan your travels to be clear of steep slopes before the snow becomes loose and unsupportive. Signs of the snow is becoming increasingly saturated, loose, and potentially unstable: pinwheels or rollerballs, small wet sloughs, and deep ski or boot-top penetration. These are good indicators that the snow is becoming increasingly unstable and Loose Wet avalanches are becoming increasingly possible, time to find another aspect that offers more supportive skiing or retreat to lower angled slopes. Small natural Loose Wet avalanches are unlikely but becoming possible later in the week as temperatures begin to rebound. Triggered Loose Wet (D1) releases are possible, becoming more likely as temperatures begin to warm later in the week in steep or complex terrain, primarily on E-S-W-NW aspects.  

Caution – Slide for Life conditions exist on steep slopes prior to thawing where an unarrested fall can have serious consequences. Ski and (or) boot crampons, ice axe, and helmet recommended. 

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