Southern Sierra Snow Line

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Southern Sierra Snow Line

12/8/17:  The farther south from Mammoth, the less and less snow, and the higher and higher snowline.  Click here to see the observation posted that includes a few pictures from the Hwy on 12/8/17.   Please add to this thread as conditions change (and hopefuly snowline and coverage improves!), and with more direct info from IN the actual mountains.

Ian M
North Fork Lone Pine Creek

As of 1/17 there is a soft closure at 6500' and the road is gated at 7800'. There's patchy snow in sheltered spots as low as 7000'. The North Fork "trail" is snow covered starting around 9000'. Floatation is occasionally useful starting above Lower Boy Scout Lake. Wind slabs of varying thicknesses abound above Upper Boy Scout Lake. The Mountaineers Couloir is as filled in as it ever gets, with the last couple hundred feet to the notch being mostly dry.

Ian M
North Fork Lone Pine Creek 2/13

The Whitney Zone saw a lot of new snow fall on 2/12 and 2/13. Over 18" of light, dry, new snow fell at 12,000 feet and snow line was below 7800' during the storm. The only natural avalanches we observed were a few small point releases. Winds were calm during the storm. There is a soft closure at 6500' and the road is gated at 7800'.

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