Lake Mary Ice Condition

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Lake Mary Ice Condition

Lake Mary may have been nicely frozen not long ago, but today there were thin slushy spots which caused concern (and turning around).  At the least, skins and skis will likely get wet and then frozen (No Fun!).  At the worst .... lets just say perhaps you might get more than just your skis wet.  

1/11/2016:  Lake Mary and

1/11/2016:  Lake Mary and Lake George appear to be well frozen, atleast for now, and skiers are crossing them.  

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Lake Crossings

Last Sunday, I crossed Lake Mary with no reservations. No water around the edges, no whomping or cracks, I felt perfectly safe. I grew up ice fishing on Lake Mary.

Today I crossed Duck Lake, Pika, Barney, and Skelton. All were perfectly safe in my opinion. It was cold last night and there was a cold north wind blowing all day. The jet stream is hammering straight down on us right now. If we get a warm spell, I might have second thoughts, but right now the lakes basin is good.



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