Wind slabs in the Red Cone area

Red Cone
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Friday, February 22, 2019 - 12:30pm
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37° 35' 47.2632" N, 119° 1' 22.6596" W
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I toured up to the top of Red Cone bowl today.  No wumphing or recent avalanches were noted on my tor today.   I was able to find some pockets of recent wind deposit that would crack under my weight as well as some small sensitive cornice features.  I observed numerous old slides that appeared to have run during the recent storm or possibly during some recent wind loading from southerly winds.

 Digging in at about 10400’ on a wind-loaded west aspect I found two layers of concern.  The first was the fresh wind slab roughly 30 cm thick that was reactive to moderate force and propagated across the column in my ECT test. (ECTP14) the second more concerning layer was just above the Feb 14/15 rain crust about 60 cm from the surface.  I found some faceted grains at this interface accompanying the large grained grauple. (ECTP28 Q1)  

The skiing was very good in protected areas with 6-10 “ of cold dry powder on top of the hardwood floor. In more exposed areas there was obvious wind effect from multiple events. Surface clues indicated, multiple wind directions and speeds with stiff stubborn wind board resulting from more southerly winds underneath relatively soft fresh deposit from the more recent northerly winds.  

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Beautiful day in the Sierra! cold temperatures, clear skies and not a breath of wind today.

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