White Wing from June Mtn.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 11:00am
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37° 44' 5.5932" N, 119° 2' 21.3648" W
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Route- Left the June Mtn. Ski Area from the top of Ch 7. Skied down SE aspect of June to Glass Creek. Skinned up NW aspect of White Wing, traveled NE along the ridge dipping down to check out both NW and SE aspects. Skied down E bowl on the N end of White Wing, traversed around the N end of the mountain back to Glass Creek. Skinned up the S aspect of Rainbow Mtn. and back into the resort.

0920 on a S aspect of June Mtn at 9800'- Rime on the N sides of trees from recent N winds. Ski pen = 3-10cm in small wind drifts. Already small to moderately sized roller balls from my turns.

1015 at the top of White Wing- Wind = light from the ENE, gusts moderate. Snow on N aspects varied between small, just moistening wind drifts and rimed wind crust. Crust supportable above about 9600', breakable below that. The next crust from last week's high pressure is between 25 and 40cm down. Snow on S aspects just softening and moist wind packed.

1100 traversing around the N end of White Wing towards Glass Creek at about 9000'- N aspects still firm. Previous roller ball activity coming from rocks at about 9600' on N and NW aspects show that spring conditions are creeping up in elevation and around the compass dial this time of year.

1115 at 9200' on the S aspect of Rainbow Mtn- Top 10cm of the snowpack very wet. I could squeeze a lot of liquid water out of it without much effort. No roller balls. Skin wax was essential.

1145 skiing down the NW aspects of June Mtn back to the parking lot- Snow surface on N aspects only really softening below about 8100'.

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