Warming/softening and staying firm on solar aspects

East Face Bloody
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Friday, February 26, 2016 - 12:00pm
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37° 33' 41.1048" N, 118° 54' 12.2256" W
Snowpit Observations
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Hiked on trail from Convict Lake around NW side of lake past Pinner Couloir on Laurel (some patchy ribbons of snow), skinned further up Convict Canyon and up steep east facing slope to Genevieve Lake, up east face of Bloody to summit at ~12,450.  Back down.  

-High clouds persisted covering most of sky until about 10:30, when they started to break and blue sky and full sun dominated for rest of day.  Breezy SW winds increased by late morning, moderately strong (>30mph) over ridgetops (>12,000'), lightish (10-15mph) across slopes above 10,000'.  This combo kept snow surfaces cooler and delayed thawing of solar (E-SE-S-SW-W) aspects.  

-11:45am: 11,800' and above = firm frozen snow on east aspects; 11,800'-11,000' = very light surface melt/softening on east aspects; 10,800-9,500' = ~2" of surface melt/softening (great spring skiing zone).

-12:30pm: 9500' -8200' = gradually increasing depth of moisture in upper snowpack (foot+), ski penetration still less than 3".   

-Surface faceted snow found on northerly aspects at 8,600' in open areas.  

-No signs of rollerball activity today on any aspects, and limited signs from previous days.

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