Wahoo Gully tour

Wahoo Gully from McGee Creek crossing to Mt.Locke summit
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 8:30am
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Obvious avalanche path
Mt.Locke 37° 15' 41.3388" N, 118° 38' 44.5704" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Interested to see how things were shaping up in the Tom to Emerson zone, we went out for a ski of Wahoo.

Snow line began just above the Peabody boulders on Buttermilk Road. We're were able to drive past McGee Creek up to the Humpheries parking lot road turn off. Did not press on any further in fear of getting a 4x4 Tacoma stuck.

HS at McGee creek crossing ~30cm. Sage not yet skiable, stuck to the road. Faceted to the ground in these lower elevation shady aspects. Thin solar crusts on southerly's and intermittent 2-4mm surface hoar preserved in creek bottoms.

In the meadow below Wahoo open areas held 1-4cm wind hardened breakable crust. Wind sheltered N Aspects from the meadow to coulior proper held spookily thin but great skiing near surface facets.  

Apron of wahoo varied greatly in depth up to 220cm on cross loaded slopes. To less than a foot on Lee aspect. Obvious old debri in the apron probably storm slab or old wind slab, no crown to be found. Ski pen 0, Boot pen 10-15cm.

Quick pit at beginning of chute proper to inspect P hard wind boards resistance to propigation. HS 160cm. Rights side up with the exception of  P hard wind slab (4cm- 20cm through out entire gully) sitting on 3cm of Fist hard facets. Wind affected snow was very stubborn to break and showed no sign of  Propagating. 0-60cm P-1F, 60-105cm 4F, 105-153cm 4F, 153-156cm F (ECTN8), 156-160cm P.  HS in gully probed rather consistently throughout boo pack up 140-180cm.

Wind slab problem hear seemed to be mostly healed into relatively good but firm windboard skiing.  Couldn't help but wonder if Kindergarten still held powder... 








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