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Shoulder of Dunderberg
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Monday, January 20, 2020 - 1:00pm
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38° 4' 6.6072" N, 119° 15' 33.156" W
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Toured up the shoulder of Dunderberg above the pack station in VA Lakes up to 11,000' to check out the shallow snowpack, facet layers, and new wind deposit.  Travelled mostly on east to southeast facing terrain, and most areas the snowpack had underlying melt-freeze / facet combos, with facets up to 2mm.  Hand pits failed with moderate to hard force, and farily roughly below upper crust in facet layers.  Dug a pit at 10,500' on east aspect, CT tests failed with easy to moderate force in this upper facet layer, but ECT tests did not propogate.  See attached profile.  Winds increased throughout the day, with periods of turbulent snow transport in sourounding peaks (see attached videos).  It appeared snow over higher peaks was mostly sublimating.  Tiny areas of wind deposition from recent days did not fail cleanly or without atleast moderate force in hand pits.  Surface snow was dense powder where sheltered to slightly denser wind deposited snow to firm windboard in exposed areas.  Overall snowpack was between 50-90cm in mid elevation sheltered areas. A few scattered snowflakes fell mid-afternoon.  Skiing wasn't bad :-)        


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