VA Lakes - S. Peak

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 4:00pm
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38° 2' 19.302" N, 119° 15' 21.7224" W
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Toured up to the top of S. Peak (11,400') and back down.  A few very small isolated patches of wind slab that plated out or cracked a few feet at elevations above 11,100' on NE aspect, skiers left side of gully.  See attached pic of handpit testing one of these small isolated areas ... failed cleanly with moderate force. No other stability concerns to note.  VERY variable conditions, between stripped to very firm wind-board to nice 2" of light snow ontop of smooth crust.  Seems that 1-2" of new snow fell at most elevations here Monday night.  

Dug pit at 10,360' on N. aspect between small trees, see attached profile.  Very unconcerning profile, CT tests failed with hard force with VERY rough non-planar fracture.  ECT test did not fail.  

Increasing clouds this afternoon / evening, to fully cloudy by 4pm, with very light snow flurries.  Cold temps, but clouds kept in some warmth and wasn't as cold as it would have been had it been clear.  Calm winds with light westerly gusts at ridgetop.  -13.5deg C (7.5deg F) at summit (11,400') at 4:30pm.


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