VA Lakes &Dunderberg Peak snow conditions

Dunderberg Peak
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Friday, January 3, 2020 - 2:00pm
38° 4' 3.4932" N, 119° 15' 17.208" W
Snowpit Observations
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Went up to Virginia lakes to see what a week of mountain weather will do to the snowpack. The winds have sure done their handiwork in sculpting and removing much of the December snowpack. Also wanted to observe what the increased temperatures and sun have been doing to the sunnier aspects. It was indeed warm today with 46degF at 1100am (9400ft) on the Virginia Lks rd.  It was 40degF at 1230pm (10400ft) with a light southerly breeze. Southeasterly aspects had become wet on the surface and were damp all the way to the ground in shallow (~30-40cm) areas. Sheltered easterly terrain still harbored soft surface conditions with total snowpack averaging around 50-60cm. I could easily push my pole to the ground most places today except in thicker alpine wind board zones. As soon as I got above tree line on an East aspect, the snowpack was heavily eroded down to rock, and had some very well developed sastrugi. The transition zone between the alpine and trees had the most variable surface conditions where there was between 5-20cm wind board and some pockets of softer near surface faceted snow.

The due south aspects for the most part are barren of snow and the rest of the alpine environment is heavily stripped and relatively thin with gullies and depressions harboring the most snow. Raised tracks were present on many of the popular ski peaks in the area. I did not observe any signs of instability on any aspects. I got on some sheltered southeasterly terrain to see what the heat and solar were doing and had just a minor bit of pin wheeling on my turns at lower elevations. 40cm of snow actually had enough support to ski on and was not to the point of being isothermal at 200pm. It felt like there was some wet loose point release potential on southerlies that you would want to be heads up for if you were travelling in lower elevations steep confined terrain. Again, though I did not see any recent avalanche activity during the day today or from the previous days warm up.

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Weather Observations
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A bit of snowtransport in the higher exposed peaks such as Ritter/Banner and Bloody Coloir on the way down 395 driving. Relatively light winds in the Virginial lakes area from the south with no visible snow transport,

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