VA Lakes, 40cm of new low density snow

South Peak
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Thursday, December 26, 2019 - 1:30pm
south peak 38° 2' 23.982" N, 119° 15' 17.6652" W
Snowpit Observations
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I skinned up South Peak in the VA Lakes drainage today. It was nice and cold and lightly snowing all day. Pretty socked in with the ceiling hovering around 10600ft for most of the day. The area received a good amount of new snow; I measured consistently from 40-45cm of super low density snow throughout the area I traveled. I'd estimate the water content at 5%. There was absolutely no wind effect where I traveled today. In fact blower conditions were present all the way up to 11400ft which was my high point. At least where I dug a snow pit, old snowpack is continuing to metamorph into a looser, slightly faceted pack with a residual rain crust that is breaking down (see attached profile). Got propagation on ECTs, but hard results on the bottom of the crust. The most interesting thing for me, was when I got off my skis to dig the pit I pretty much fell through all the way to the ground. Very loose and soft structure to the snow pack where I dug on a 36deg slope, NE aspect  at 11045ft

I observed some minor shallow soft storm slabs that had propagated 15-20ft wide from the summit of the peak, they only ran 50ft at the most and were soft and loose. Other than that I did not observe any other signs of instability other than a bit of loose dry sloughing. Ski conditions were phenomenal to say the least.

18F @ 1100am @ 9300ft trailhead, non-existent winds.

11F @ 130pm @ 11045ft light snow, calm, overcast skies.

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