Tracking Warming in Old Man's Bowl

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Saturday, March 31, 2018 - 12:00pm
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Rapid warming
37° 34' 14.52" N, 118° 51' 11.88" W
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Toured up to the top of Old Man's Bowl from Convict Lake to observe the warming trend through mid-day. Beautiful day with less wind than was forecasted. Mostly good corn snow on E and SE aspects by 11am though by noon prime skiing was starting to trend towards too wet. Took 4 sets of weather observations to quantify the warming trend. *Refer to map for data points.*

Wx1: Sky=Scattered hazy clouds (SCT-), Wind=Calm, HS=35cm, Ski pen=0cm, Boot pen=0cm, Tair=9deg C, Tsurf=0deg C, T-20=0deg C, Surface=Dry melt-freeze crust.

Wx2: Sky=Scattered hazy clouds (SCT-), Wind=Light from the S, HS=72cm, Ski pen=0cm, Boot pen=3cm, Tair=8deg C, Tsurf=-0.5deg C, T-20=-0.5deg C, Surface=Dry melt-freeze crust.

Wx3: Sky=Mostly cloudy with hazy clouds (BKN-), Wind=Calm, HS=232cm, Ski pen=3cm, Boot pen=10cm, Tair=15deg C, Tsurf=0deg C, T-20=-2deg C, Surface=Moist rounded polycrystals.

Wx4: Sky=BKN-, Wind=Calm, HS=50cm, Ski pen=10cm, Boot pen=15cm, Tair=10deg C, Tsurf=0deg C, T-20=-1deg C, Surface=Moist rounded polycrystals.

No new loose wet activity noted. Some new rollerballs originating from below cliffs by 12:10pm on ESE aspects (see photo).

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