Toga Pass - Warm and Windy

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False White and Ellery Bowl
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Sunday, May 6, 2018 - 11:00am
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37° 54' 14.8176" N, 119° 15' 13.842" W
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Skinned up ridgeline from Tioga Pass Resort to False White and skied down East Face.  Firm skinning along ridgeline with barely any ski penetration ... high morning clouds and windy with South to West winds with some strong gusts.  Skied down about 10am, East faces up to 11,800' had softened nicely (all be it not deeply), were a bit protected from wind and turns were smooth :-).  More north facing slopes were still scrape-y and chattery.   

Skinned and booted up Ellery Bowl after that, and skied down slightly after noon.  Breeze continued, but skies were clearer.  Again, shallow surface softening lower down and on aspects with some east exposure.  More directly north aspects up high (up to 11,400') were VERY firm above 11,100' just after noon.  Even with a shallow boot pack already put it, crampons were a must for the last couple hundred feet ... and the 45 degree + slope was still gripping even with crampons and a whippet.  The very high rain line a couple weeks back likley added to the frozen surface.  But slopes with a little bit of east in them even up to 11,400' softened nicely by noon.  Surface softening remained shallow, but kind of just perfect for fun corn turns all the way to the bottom at 9500' at ~12:30pm.  

Saw no evidence of loose wet slides today, natural or human triggered.  With similar temps, and less wind in days to come, I'd expect some softer condiitons and deeper melting earlier.  

*Road is open to the park entrance station, and then is gated.  

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