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Convict area
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Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 2:00pm
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37° 35' 17.6352" N, 118° 51' 25.9308" W
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Much more sunshine than expected today!  Quite a bit of evidence of small loose-wet slides that occured this morning visible from the hwy between Mammoth and Convict Lake, including a relatively large one that came out of Mendenhall Couloir (D1.5+, see attached photos), and a smaller one of Pinner Couloir.  This all appear to have occured on east or southeast facing slopes between 7500' and 9500'. Lots of visible wind tranport from strong upper and mid elevation SW winds in the Convict area (see attached video and photos).    

Toured up the Moraine from Convict Lake, around the east side of Mini-Morrison to the base of Old Man's Bowl, where strong winds made me decide to head to the more sheltered northwesterly facing trees next to the Hippy Chutes, up to the ridge at 10,700', and back down.  Lots of evidence of in-storm avalanches on the east chutes of mini-morrison, up to D2.5.  Old Man's Bowl HIGHLY wind-effected (see attached photo), with ungoing wind transport and likely deposition over the ridge on the northeast facing slopes.  Hand-pits on recent wind deposits in slightly more exposed areas near the top of the hippy-trees failed easily and cleanly on subtle density change within 4finger snow.  Most of the snow in the hippy trees was dense powder and skied very well, and the northerly facing aspects on the lower moraine above the lake skied fairly well too.  Everywhere in-between was highly wind-effected from wind board, to some sastrugi, to slightly breakable.  No signs of instability on the slopes I travelled on, but I wouldn't be suprised at all to find sensitive wind-slabs on the upper leeward slopes where lots of wind transport was occuring.  

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Warm sunny day down low!  Above 9000', winds kept things quite cool, 0°C at 9200' at about 2:45pm.  Went from t-shirt weather to bundled up with layers and a shell at ~9,300' mid-afternoon.  Very windy up high and mid elevation as well.  Winds dropped significantly in the late afternoon after the sun went down behind the ridge.    

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