TJ Bowl - Small shallow wind slabs

TJ Bowl
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Monday, January 27, 2020 - 1:00pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
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Toured up to TJ Bowl to see what kind of recently deposited wind slabs we could find.  

Beautiful day with partly cloudy skies, and mostly calm winds.  Totally calm at the ridgetop of the crest at 11,000' above TJ Bowl at 12:30pm, and air temp was a balmy 2°C.  Light winds were blowing across Lake Mary ~2pm, but not moving any snow around.  

Pretty much all the exposed areas at tree line and above were quite wind effected, from areas of scour to 4-5" of isolated pockets of up to pencil hard wind slab deposited yesterday.  Most hand shears failed with moderate force, except in a few isolated areas where they failed easily.  Shallow small pockets of sensitive wind slab were found in the couloir we climbed and skied, and we triggered several of these shallow surface deposits while skiing down in expected places which were quite manageable.  See attached video of one of these failing on a sidewall where tracks below made for a quasi unsupported slope.

A few isolated areas on sunny aspects of loose wet activity (rollerballs, small sloughs originating near rock bands), see attached photo of a SE slope at ~9500' at 11am.

Conditions in the sheltered trees were soft, and exhibited signs of overnight surface faceting.  Dug a quick pit in a relatively shallow area on a NE micro-ridge feature in the trees.  

-100-93cm: Fist plus new snow

-93-92.6: Very thin melt-freeze crust

-92.6-73: 4finger decomposing grains

-73-62: Fist+ facets

-62-43: 4finger facets

-42-ground: 1f transitioning to P facets

-CT21Q1 @ 72cm, CT11Q2 @ ground, ECTNx2 moderate @ 72cm.  Inconsistent failures in multiple tests.  

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