Tinemaha - Loose wet skier triggered slides

Tinemaha - E face
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Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 11:00am
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37° 2' 7.278" N, 118° 23' 41.5176" W
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Toured up and down East face of Tinemaha.  Left car at 6:15 (goal was 5:30, but longer drive on rough roads than expected).  Totally clear skies, warm temps, no winds today.  Good overnight refreeze despite relatively warm overnight temps due to the clear skies and radiative cooling.  Slopes above ~11,200 had recent new snow deposits 2-4" deep from Monday-Tuesday snowfall that were still fairly low density but moistening quickly with sunshine by 10am.  We dropped in quicky once summitting the 12,500' peak at 11am.  Ski turns easily initiated loose wet point releases in this transitional surface snow that spread out and entrained enough of this new snow to sweep someone off their feet if they were in the path and not paying attention (see attached video).  These wet relatively slow moving sloughs were fairly easy to manage with a bit of caution and attention.  Below 11,000' realtively little new snow existed, and the snow was farily large corn grains, quite supportbale, skied well and didn't have nearly the loose-wet sloughing as above.  Snow was quite moist and a iittle sticky below 9000' at 11:30, but still quite supportable all the way down to snowline which crept down as a narrow strip in a gully bottom to 7200'.  

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