Surface conditions int he June lake BC

Glass creek
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Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 1:00pm
37° 43' 44.8788" N, 119° 4' 54.8004" W
Snowpit Observations
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I went for a quick tour in the June Mtn side country today to get a look at multiple aspects and see how much surface warming was occurring under the partly cloudy skies. After leaving the boundary at the top of J7 I decided to descend via a southwest-facing panel down to Glass creek. The snowpack is pretty thin in this area, (30-50 cm) but I found it to be supportable. Digging a quick pit at 9500’ I found 5 cm of moist melt grains on top of 20 cm of MF crust which in turn was residing on ~20~ cm of moist unconsolidated grains. BP =25cm. At 2 pm or so I noticed the surface was starting to stiffen up on more southerly or southeasterly terrain features that were receiving less direct sun and I found a thin ice lens forming in many areas on the surface.

Climbing back to the ridge separating Glass creek from Yost creek I traveled through a more Northeast facing aspect and found a stiff but breakable melt-freeze crust overlying loose cold faceted snow. At about 10,000’ this surface crust was ~1cm~ thick and P+ hard.  In general, the snowpack was deeper on this more shaded aspect. (80 cm-1 m) 

Traversing my way back into JMR across an NW facing aspect I found the surface conditions to be much more variable. Patches of sun softened snow in more open areas were broken by breakable MF crust in more sheltered and shaded areas. No signs of Instability were observed on my tour today.

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25% of the sky covered by clouds
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Partly cloudy skies and light to moderate winds made for a beautiful day today in the June Mtn side country. Temperatures remained above freezing between 9 and 10k  for the entirety of my tour.

1230-SW-10100’, 34°F, partly cloudy skies, light SW winds 5 cm melt forms/MF crust

1300-SW-9500’, 36°F, partly cloudy skies, calm, 5 cm melt forms/ 20cmMF crust

1415-NE-10,000’, 32°F, partly cloudy skies, light winds gusting moderate, 1 cm MF crust over loose 1mm facets

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