Stability on NE slope below San Joaquin ridge

San Joaquin ridge
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Thursday, January 2, 2020 - 11:30am
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San Joaquin ridge 37° 40' 0.192" N, 119° 3' 20.196" W
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Toured today from Chair 2 through the Dry Creek drainage flats, up San Joaquin ridge via the second drainage/cirque west of Minaret Vista. Found basically no signs of instability. 

Dug a pit at treeline at 9295ft on a NE facing slope. 37.66672 -119.05561 
HS 145cm
Air temp 35F at 11:30AM
Found a thin raincrust at 45cm down
Didn't see obvious faceting immediately below the raincrust but didn't look very closely
70cm down snow became sugary (facets?)

Only a couple minor things to note - (1) in the flats NW of the MMSA sewage ponds there was a wide opening in the trees where there was a thin but large wind layer (2-3cm thick) that was hollow sounding, produced some cracking, and failure on isolation. The snow in this area had ripples and obviously had been exposed to wind transport (I believe from the SW).

(2) Looking across to a fairly exposed SE slope at treeline around 9200ft, there were obvious signs of recent wind transport, such as large wind ribs.

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