Solitude Canyon/Ridge

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Monday, January 16, 2017 - 2:30pm
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37° 35' 48.8112" N, 118° 57' 12.3768" W
Snowpit Observations
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-Route: From propane tanks to bottom of TeleBowls, over shoulder of Punta, up Solitude Canyon, up to ridgetop, down north-facing slope and back.  

-Early morning visible wind-transport over top of Sherwin ridge (NE winds), calm winds at lower elevations (below 10,000').  By mid-morning, no signs of visible transport over Sherwins.  Mid-afternoon, consistent visible wind transport over Pyramid Peak (NE winds) 11,500'.  These winds seemed to be leading to loading on southwesterly facing slopes just below ridgetops and peaks.

-Between 10,400' and 9,400' on open north facing slope at end of Solitude ridge there was denser wind deposit (1Finger) at surface from 1-5" thick which did fracture with clean plane with easy force during hand shear tests (but ski test did no result in propagating fractures).  This dense wind layer wasn't present where slope was treed.  Besides this wind layer at surface, snow structure in multiple test locations very up-right in density structure.

-Tons of surface hoar on approach slopes above propane tanks up to ~9,500' on shoulder of Punta and up Solitude Canyon in places.  Pretty, but concerning if it doesn't get destroyed on slopes >30 degrees before new snow falls ontop of it.  

-SE facing slopes of Punta did show some small signs of wet roller-ball activity originating around rock bands from yesterday, but not much looking like it occured today.  


Weather Observations
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Clear beautiful day, with temps in the mid 30s at mid-day above 10,000.  See above for details on winds.  

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