Snowpit near Duck Pass Trail

Near Arrowhead Lake
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Wednesday, December 23, 2020 - 11:30pm
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Recent avalanche activity
Duck Pass Trail 37° 35' 2.4" N, 118° 58' 58.8" W
Snowpit Observations
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We tested a short but fairly representative slope to the areas we were interested in skiing close to the duck pass trail above arrowhead lake. The slope was about 33 degrees steep and facing North East (roughly 25 degrees). The bottom of the snowpack was variable; slab, and talus, so each test showed a slightly different depth, so each test was adjusted to match the depth of the density profile (variable up to about 15cm). It felt like there had been multiple different wind loading events as there were more layers than storms, however, the change between each was very minimal throughout most of the snowpack. The top windslab was very sensitive and cohesive, breaking off during isolation in each test. The bigger concern was the low-density faceted layer deep under the slab that made up most of the snowpit. Each test left behind a solid block of 50-60cm of snow that stayed together after being thrown downslope. Overall stability on similar slopes felt poor enough to avoid entirely, and some avalanche activity could be seen in the barney lake area, but the trees were fun.

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