Snowpack conditions in the Sherwins

The Perch
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Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 12:30pm
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37° 36' 36.63" N, 118° 58' 28.3116" W
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I went for a quick tour in the Sherwins today to get the feet wet and get a sense of how things were looking after the storm yesterday. Overall coverage seems pretty good with the snowpack ranging from 60-115 cm for the majority of our tour today.  Significant settlement cones were evident on our tour this morning, and overall we found the snowpack to be right side up.  We toped out at about 9500’ on the feature known as the Perch and descended via the N facing old-growth trees.  We observed some minor wind effect in more exposed areas above 9000’ but we did not find anything too concerning. While the pockets of wind slab we found were relatively sensitive, they were quite shallow, 1-2” at most. I’m reasonably confident that at higher elevations and in more prominent catchment zones, fresh wind slabs would have been a much more real concern today.

Digging in on an N aspect at 9000’ the snowpack was 115cm deep, and overall the snowpack was upright and promising for the future.  We identified a subtle density change ~30~cm from the surface that was reactive to compression tests; however, no propagation occurred during an ECT test. See the attached snow profile for more details.

Ski penetration was about 8-10 inches, and overall the ski quality was quite pleasant, consisting mostly of low-density dry powder snow. However, preseason conditions still exist with many downed trees and shallowly buried rocks to contend with.  

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