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Saturday, February 22, 2020 - 2:45pm
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It actually snowed today!!   .... not much, but atleast it was a change from our totally dry stretch.  

Toured up in the Mammoth Lakes Basin this afternoon to check on new snowfall.  Headed out of Tamarack ~10:30am up to Arrowhead Lake and up to the top of the Crest at 11,200' above Sky Meadows and back out.  Cloudy skies all day with limited visibility above ~10,200'.  Very light flurries to start the tour (<S1), but around 1:30, snowfall picked up dramatically for a short period up to S2-3 (almost an inch an hour! - see attached video).  Unfortunately this heavier snowfall didn't last long.  By 3:30pm a little less than 1.5" of new snow had fallen over 10,000' near Sky Meadows, a bit less than an inch at 9,000' near cold water campground, and none at 8600' at tamarack parking.  Winds were very light for most of the day, but above ~10,700' were moderate out of the north, especially at ridgetop (see attached video).  Exposed North facing slopes above 10,700' were being striped of any new snow, and at the ridgetop there were very small isolated areas of up to 6" of fresh wind deposit.  I didn't get to any southerly facing steeper terrain on the other side of the ridge, but could imagine in isolated spots just below ridgeline on SE-S-SW facing slopes there could be small fresh wind slabs developing.  

Air temps: 11,200', 2:30pm = -5°C;  9750', 3:30pm = -3°C.  

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