Snow Conditions from Virginia Lakes

South Peak and Red Lake Bowl
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Sunday, December 9, 2018 - 7:30pm
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38° 2' 25.3752" N, 119° 15' 12.9996" W
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The road is plowed all the way to Trumbull Campground.

We toured up the NE face of South Peak in the morning.  Wind loaded on the N, lee side of the South Peak-Mt. Olsen Saddle.   We dug a pit on the side of the skiier's right gulley of the NE face and found a 75 cm snowpack with CTM15 on the most recent-old snow interface and no wind deposit.  There were patches of wind deposited snow on other parts of the NE face.  The skiing in the trees was still good and not wind affected.  Lots barely covered rocks down lower especially on the far skiier's right of the descent below the saddle.  

The sun came out and started to warm up southernly aspects.  The snow on the lakes started to become wet.  

In the afternnon, we toured past Red Lake to the SE ridge of black mountain.  We saw consistent wind transport.  The far skiier's left of the bowl, E facing, seemed to be loading the most with anywhere from 5-20cm of wind deposit that broke away easily while skinning (see attached photo).  We skiied the NE aspect off the ridge among other tracks, which was dense, yet predictable.  The best skiing was down lower in the E facing trees headed back to the car.  

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The day started out cool and fully overcast with light to moderate winds.  By 1300, it was mostly sunny with moderate to strong winds.  

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