Snow conditions in upper Mcgee creek and red slate mountain

McGee Creek to Red slate mountain
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Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 12:30pm
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37° 30' 7.0812" N, 118° 51' 31.482" W
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Went up red slate mountain from McGee creek side yesterday, here are some obsevations about the snowpack in upper Mcgee creek drainage.

Between 10K-11K feet, 2' to 3', mostly  wind crust, melt crust, with some areas of unconsolidated snow. Everywhere I checked depth it was at least 70cm. Good coverage within drainage, easy traveling. Small amount of snow transport, enough to cover some of my tracks from last week. Coming back down in afternoon there were a few areas where small 2" slabs broke free, but mostly the snowpack was solid. Mcgee lake had about 6" of soft snow on top, Litle Mcgee about 12". Above little McGee lake, the snowpack along bottom of drainage was hard enough that an ice ax only penetrated up to tip, so I could not determine depth.  Off to sides it was soft once you broke through crust, and at least 70cm. As you get close to McGee pass the snow really thins out, with lots of exposed rubble. You can see the trail in a few places. About 1/2 way up red slate, the snow starts again, all hard windslab except where it is melting around rocks, where it becomes soft and wet. Cornices overhanding the convict lake side in many places. 


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