Snow conditions south side of McGee/Aggie saddle

McGee Aggie saddle
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Saturday, February 15, 2020 - 12:00pm
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McGee Aggie saddle
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Toured/hiked up the south side of the saddle between McGee and Aggie in search of corn yesterday (Sat). The S aspects were mostly melted out even at 10k'. However, the SE and E aspects held decent snow that was a mix of unripe corn, melting sastrugi and some other stuff that surely the Eskimos have a name for but I wouldn't know what to call it. No signs of wet loose problems. 

Any aspect with a northerly tilt still held winter-like snow, although some surface facets were becoming wet. 

While we didn't encounter any instabilities, from a distance we did see a thin crown on the top of a N facing ridge that comes out of a sub-peak on Aggie. Speculating that it was more than a few days old but probably not more than a week or so. Pic attached. 

The road to the McGee trailhead is passable but there are a couple booby traps that call for 4wd.

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