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North East Aspect of Red Mountaion
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Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 5:30pm
37° 32' 29.8068" N, 118° 44' 19.9464" W
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25% of the sky covered by clouds
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Below Freezing
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Temperetures stayed cool on the NE aspect of Red Mountain today. Calm winds at 7500 ft. at 1100. NE aspect. Tair -3 deg. celcius, T20 - 5.5 deg.C. HS 90 cm, boot pen 25 cm, ski pen 16 cm. Surface form and size: some graupel from yesterday 01/21/19 and widespread near surface faceting 1.5 mm on top of 30 cm of new, F hard loose dry snow.  Around 9550 ft. I started noticing more wind affect on the snow surface from the N winds. A soft (F) windslab had formed at that elevation. Handshear block pulled of with easy force at 30 cm on a P layer of old, pre- 01/21 storm crust. At 9680 ft. just below the ridge, the snow surface was heavily cross loaded, ski pen varied between barely getting an edge in on wind scoured patches and some wind loaded pillows where shooting cracks propagated about 1m out in front of my ski tips. We did not see any wind transported snow where we travelled today. Great snow along the whole descent! We hit a few rocks in the upper part of the descent where the snow was light and dry. Creamy snow in the middle section of our descent and more shallow pow on an old crust in the bottom section. 

Small snow banner observed off Nevabe Ridge at 1500. N-NE winds. 

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