Snow conditions, propagating test results in the June lake back country

Dream Peak
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Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 10:15am
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37° 44' 29.0328" N, 119° 6' 45.6984" W
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It was a warm morning in the June Lake backcountry. I left the top of J 7 at about 945 this morning aiming for the Dream bowl area. I observed variable surface conditions descending the sparsely treed NW aspect to Yost creek.  In more open areas a centimeter thick hard melt-freeze crust kept me on my toes while in more shaded rolls or areas with thicker trees I found soft dry snow. periotic probing along my descent, across the flats of Yost creek, And up the lower bench below Dream bowl identified similar structure to what has been discussed recently. I also noticed large variability in the thickness of the crust layers. In some areas, the crust felt very thin and it was easy to probe through while in other areas it was thicker and much denser and more difficult to probe through. 

I dug in on an east aspect at 9300’ skiers right of the hemlock trees. The area was sparsely treed and relatively protected however I believe it had seen some wind effect from the periotic strong north winds. I found a total Hight of snow to be 149 cm and right-side-up for the most part. Stability test highlighted a layer of concern about 40 cm from the surface where a p+ wind board was sitting on top of 4f faceted rounds.  CT24-SC and ECTP25. See Pit Profile for more details. 

Descending back to Yost creek surface conditions had softened up quite a bit and the skiing was enjoyable. Skinning back to June mountain proved less enjoyable. At noon the MF crust was still present in shady areas but in areas with full sun it had softened up quite a bit. My skin track through cold to warm to cold again proved the perfect breeding ground for gloppy skins. 

No collapsing, cracking or recent avalanche activity was noted on my tour today. and despite the warm sun, I did not observe any rollerball activity or pinwheels. But I was back on June mountain by 1230.

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25% of the sky covered by clouds
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Above Freezing
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Temperatures were below freezing as I made my way up the lift this morning but once in the sun it was quite comfortable and it only got warmer throughout the morning.  At 10 am it was almost 40° F on an east aspect at 9300'.  Winds were very light and felt calm for most of my morning.

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