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Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 10:00am
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38° 5' 37.3488" N, 119° 22' 39.0972" W
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We went for a tour today up to the Matterhorn in the Bridgeport area.  Leaving twin lakes at six this morning only minimal amounts of dry land walking were required before we found enough snow to skin. We had our skis on before we left the flats at around 7200’.  It became quite obvious that there was not a strong freeze last night as we made our way up. Breakable melt freeze crust made for easy skinning, and ski crampons were not needed until we were above 9200’.  After boot packing up Ski dreams, we opted to descend a more easterly facing chute to the skiers right that had softened up a bit more.  I suspect we would have been waiting a while for the more Ski Dreams proper to soften up and become enjoyable. We started our descent at 11 am, and this seemed about perfect for the line we chose. Surface conditions were soft and corn like making for an enjoyable descent.  Descending the NE facing lower benches at around 9500’ we observed the snow to be more slushy and less supportable making for somewhat challenging turns. This unsupportable surface seemed to be short-lived. As we reached horse creek at around 8700’ and shifted back to a more westerly aspect travel became much easier.  Even descending the final pitch back to twin lakes we found the snow to be reasonably supportable.  We observed several shedding events on the east facing cliffs to the west of the Matterhorn.   While none of this debris resulted in loose wet slides in the apron below a couple were impressive in size, and I would not have wanted to be below them when they occurred.  No other signs of instability were observed on our tour today.

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Clear skies and light winds made for an enjoyable day in the hills.  Temperatures were warm all night and were rising throughout the day.

0745- 8100’ 40°F calm, clear, BP=nill

0930- 9900’ 47°F light breeze, clear, BP=5cm

1030-10,950’ 41°F light breeze, clear BP=10 cm

1145- 8700’ 50°F calm, clear, BP=15 cm

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