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Turkey Chute
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Sunday, January 17, 2021 - 12:45pm
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37° 37' 51.3876" N, 119° 3' 8.5644" W
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We went searching for soft yet supportable snow in the Mammoth Mountain side country today. Cooler temperatures and clear skies indeed led to a more substantial refreeze last night than we had seen yesterday, and shaded aspects provided a jarring crust sliding experience this morning.  We dropped off the top of hemlock ridge at around 11 am and descended the SE facing slope down to an area known as Turkey chute Snow depths in this area average around 40cm and a 7-10 cm MF crust capped and isothermal moist snowpack below. This crust was supportable while traveling on skis or a snowboard but remove a ski and your foot would punch through to ground level. We may have been slightly early on our first lap; I would describe surface conditions as “crunchy corn”.  That being said it was quite pleasant and predictable. We descended to about 9500’ where coverage became noticeably less and the wide swaths of bare ground and fallen trees made continuing more challenging than it was worth. By 1230 the surface crust had melted on the SE slope and our second lap was predictable but slushy and unsupportable. No signs of instability were noted on our tour today.

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At 945 am at 10800’ 34°F strong NE winds leading to some minor transport.

1130 am @9500’ 47°F Light to Mod N winds, BP=30

245 pm @9900’ 46° F Calm, BP=30

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