Snow conditions in June backcountry

Hemlock Mountain-Ghost trees
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Friday, December 20, 2019 - 11:15pm
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Hemlock Mountain-Ghost Trees 37° 44' 38.6592" N, 119° 6' 7.5708" W
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8 AM, June mountain parking,  30°. Light wind from the west, no snow transport noted over ridge tops.  Full cloud cover today until around 1230, then sunny with a Sierra wave setting up to the south. No cracking, whumping or recent avalance activity noted during this tour. 
We skiied variable (wind and MF crust) crusty conditions  from J7 to Yost Meadow.  Still alot of downed trees exposed.  Snow height above Yost was 80cm. Boot pen 27 cm. Ski pen 10cm. Snow here (9200 ft) was ~5cm-10cm of 4 finger sitting on 2-3cm pencil hard melt freeze crust. Faceted, unconsolidated snow was below this crust. This pencil crust disappeared on NE and N facing slopes at similar elevation. 

Ascending mostly N facing slopes to 10,300 ft snow was uniformly soft, recycled powder. No evidence of wind affect in the trees except near the exposed NW ridge of Hemlock mountain. Still a shallow snow pack, with many rocks and logs both exposed and lurking below. Snow depth at 10,000 ft varied from 70-90cm. Looking into the Fern creek drainage (see photo), snow looked scoured up high and wind affected lower down.

Surprisingly good skiing on N aspects from 10,200 to 9600 ft.  Ankle deep, somewhat heavy powder. Grabby melt freeze crust below 9600 ft. Did a second lap and then toured back to June ski resort (not enough coverage to safely ski to the road).

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Uninviting conditions in the Fern Creek drainage
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