Snow Conditions after the Big Storm, 395 corridor & June Lk Area

395 corridor, June Lk area
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 9:00pm
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37° 45' 40.1616" N, 119° 5' 23.262" W
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Upon driving from Bishop up to June Lk. this morning there was a alot of mid-storm natural avalanche activity througout the area. Mt Tom had significant avalanche activity up high, many originating adjacent to ridgeline where wind had loaded slopes the heaviest. A few of the larger slides observed where on NE aspects on the Wheeler Crest right at treeline. They looked to have crown height of 3-5' and were from 500-800ft wide. Looked as if the avalanches propogated on deficit zone of previous shallow snowpacks in fairly unsupported slopes above gully features. (see picture, with red marked crown lines, sorry bad quality). Could not see how far the slides ran down slope.

McGee Mtn had multiple slides.... many of them mid slope near treeline and multiple slides mostly on on NE and E aspects but connecting across bowls and taking out sunnier aspect as well. Most crowns  looked to average in the (3-4'  height) D2-D2.3 range. Hard to tell how far the ran vertically down the slope.

Did not observe much avalanche activity around June LK, it was hard to see as it looked as most avalanches ran mid-storm and were subsequently filled back in with continued snowfall. I did not get  up to high elevations today, but while skiing and traveling from 9800ft down did not observe any instability at all. NO collapse, shooting cracks, whumping etc.

Probably one of the biggest concerns is deep snow immersion right now, if one were to lawn dart, or crash hard- head first into a tree well, it could be very, very difficult to extricate yourself. Skiing with a buddy, especially in the trees, is a great call right now.

The whole region is absolutely caked in white, the desert ranges--bodie hills, glass mtns looked to have gotten siginficant amounts of snow as well. Skiing was phenomenal today and bottomless. a slight bit of wind affect on exposed westerly slopes, but otherwise deep unadulterated powder skiing today at the lower elevations.

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Just a splitter blue day, with a few sporadic clouds. Very calm in mid to lower elevations with obvious strong northerly winds up high bannering snow from the big peaks. Stayed pretty cool all day, but was warm in the sun with a bit of warming on sunnier aspects of snow. Notices some minor roller balling around 1pm. 

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