Small isolated windslabs in Hammil Bowl

Hammil Bowl
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Saturday, February 20, 2021 - 3:00pm
37° 34' 20.3088" N, 119° 0' 9.7308" W
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Skied in the Hammil Bowl area this afternoon.  Only light winds with occasional moderate gusts below tree line.  Above tree line consistent moderate to strong NE winds were transporting snow over the crest since noon at least and tapered off a bit with visibly less flagging by 3:30pm.  The SW winds and recent new snow from last night provided some dust on crust, but the NE winds were stripping that away in Hammil Bowl itself and along the ridgeline.  Half way up Hammil we found some dinner table sized 1-4 inch windslabs likely formed last night that broke on kick turns and slid a few inches. We did not go any higher and cannot speak to the presence of windslabs closer to the ridge, but I suspect much of what was initially blown in by SW winds close to the ridge has been transported back to the other side.  

We found pockets of 1-4mm graupel everywhere we traveled today often just below new/wind blown snow or MF crust in sun exposed areas, so it must have fallen in one of the previous disturbances.  In the middle of Hammil Bowl we found a 12" thick deposit of it that was about 6-8' in extent positioned fall line below the small chute at the top- perhaps a natural sluff of graupel stopped there.  A slab put upon these graupel pockets might be concerning.  

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