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Mamoth Rock end
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Sunday, December 29, 2019 - 10:15am
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37° 36' 35.3808" N, 118° 59' 33.3996" W
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Quick up 'n down of the Sherwins by Mammoth Rock this morning.  Most noteable thing was an increase in winds at all elevations of light winds with occasional moderate gusts at lower elevations and consistent unpleasant moderate winds out of the south at the ridgetop transporting snow.  See attached video.  Some small new cornice growth and fresh wind deposits existed just below ridgeline around 11am, but nothing reactive to ski cuts, and hand pits failed moderately and shallow (only a few cm).  I would expect with another few hours of these winds and transport, that small slabs would develop enough to be sensitive to a skier trigger.  And as it turned out we got a report that afternoon of a small skier triggered wind slab pocket just below the ridgeline of the Merkwood tree zone of the Sherwins (6" x 30' across running 50'). Obesrver also noted lots of shooting cracks along the ridgeline, and some loose-dry sloughing potential still in steep trees.      

Dug a put on ENE aspect just below ridgetop at 10,000'. ~1.5m total snow depth, CTX results.  Melt-freeze crust is still recognizable, but softer faceted laer underneigth is becoming less pronounced, and as you can see, CT tests did not fail at all on this total.  Mostly Right-side-up snowpack.  Boot penetration ~45cm.  Suprisingly quite pleasant skiing top to bottom :-)

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