Sherwins - new snow, winds, weak layer

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 6:00pm
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37° 36' 27.6732" N, 118° 59' 26.016" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured up past Mammoth Rock to the ridgeline at 10,000' and back to end of old mammoth rd. to check on snow/rain line elevation for the day, amounts and wind transport. 

-Drizzle had mostly ended by 4pm, and light snow started shortly after 5pm, with periods of graupel, intensifying to moderate by 6pm for a short period, then light again, snow down to atleast 8200' by 6:30pm.    

-Appears that drizzle today got to slightly higher than 9000'.  Only a few cm of new snow up high (10,000') above rain line today.  Didn't appear that the light precipitation during the day was enough to cause instability.  See attached profile at 8850', showing weak facet layer 60cm down still dry under moist decomposing fragments.  Seems that below ~8600, snowpack was moist to ground.     

-Dug second pit at 9560', which showed a dry snowpack (above rainline).  Tested weak distinct facet layer ~1m down, failed consistently with deep tap tests and propogated with ECT test, all with hard force.  

-VERY STRONG SW gusts at ridetop, otherwise calm with occasional moderate gusts along mid-elevation exposed ridges.  No detectable windslab deposition of concern.     

-Upper elevation slopes that faced at all east of NE showed signs of melt-freeze crust, while more northerly slopes didn't have a crust, but definitely had denser snow which warmed somewhat from previous days. 

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