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SF big PIne
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Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - 1:30pm
37° 6' 4.0968" N, 118° 26' 58.956" W
Snowpit Observations
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Headed further south today to the SF of Big Pine to see if there was greater avalanche activity and or more significant snow totals from our little storm on 2/22. Meager coverage exists heading up the South Fork of Big Pine, but just enough right now that one can skin a majority of the way along the summer trail once above glacier lodge. I checked out some steeper north facing couloir type terrain and found an average of 6-10cm of new snow with a few cross loaded ribbons and pillows measuring up to 15-20cm. New snow coverage in the steeper terrain was a bit variable with lesions of old firm surfaces exposed throughout. It was dead calm at 1130am and 40deg. Great crampon conditions made for quick climbing and the new snow-- similar to what I found yesterday was well bonded to old surfaces yet still soft and not wind affected, slabbed up or crusted over. There wasn’t any sluffing or loose snow concerns on the way down through 40deg terrain, new snow was pasted.

There was a few very small loose point releases on southerly aspects in the upper basin, which did not reach class 1 in size. I could not see any other significant avalanche activity off the crest of the Palisades on north facing terrain.  The snow coverage is sadly very low with much rock and boulders exposed throughout the area. The glacier ice beneath Middle Palisade is exposed, and seemingly almost cried out…asking for the cooling depths of a big sierra dump to help block the sun and heat.

At 130pm at 10921ft it was 34Fdeg under clear blue skies with a light 10mph north breeze.


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