SF Big Pine - Slide Mountain - snow conditions

South side of Slide Mountain
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Sunday, March 17, 2019 - 4:45pm
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37° 6' 48.4992" N, 118° 28' 25.6008" W
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Toured up to Slide Mountain from the SF Big Pine drainage today. There was significant warming through midday on solar aspects up to 12730'. There were multiple point-release wet-loose avalanches in the lower canyon both from previous days activity and a few new ones today while I was up higher. There was nothing of great volume, all D1s, but you still would not have wanted to get hit by one or be entrained in it. I did not observe any wet loose avalanches that stepped down to trigger slab avalanches. Northerly aspects looked like they harbored some nice blown in powder in areas, and I did not see any recent avalanche activity in the Middle Palisade area. Snow on Slide Mtn was supportable and ski penetration was 5cm at the most from 12,700' down to 10,800'. Southerly slopes below 10,800' were much wetter on the surface, but even hard big turns did not start significant pinwheels or wet sloughs. Snow was getting saturated 10-15cm deep below the surface and skied really well; supportable and not sticky. The only unsupportable snow I found was down in the water birch and cottonwoods in the lower canyon by Glacier Lodge.

There was free water running on southerly rock outcrops and minor ice shields and small chunks of snow were falling occasionally on the east slope I ascended around 930am. I kept my eyes uphill for rockfall, did not encounter any thankfully. Snowpack is doing its thing cooking down on solars, with some glassy developing melt freeze lens on the surface and some bigger surface rounds starting to grow.

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Another super day in the mountains, with dead calm winds and above freezing temperatures all the way up to 12700'.

41F @ 10865'  @1230pm

37F @ 12730'  @ 200pm

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