Rock Fall in Bloody Couloir

Bloody Couloir
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Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 9:00am
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Obvious avalanche path
37° 33' 45.7596" N, 118° 54' 31.392" W
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Report from a group of skiers heading up Bloody Couloir on Saturday Dec 2 in the morning:

"We were booting up the bloody couloir around 9AM on Saturday and decided to start heading up the lookers right flank when a small compact car sized boulder fell from the left flank wall causing a huge rock and snow slide. No crown per say, but a ton of snow and rock. Would have been very bad had we been in the path. I've attached a quick vid below. Guess the positive is that there deosn't seem to be any major weak layers where this rock fall came down, as that much weight would've activated any persistent weak layers in my opinion."

Fortunately they weren't booting up the lookers left flank when this happened!  This is a good reminder of objective hazards that exist in the mountains.  Not just avalanches we have to worry about!  Check out the attached temperature graph (from nearby Mammoth pass at 9,500'), and notice the temperature cycles that day weren't much different form the previous few days.  There wasn't some dramatic warming event that might be expected to cause rocks to loosen any more this day than other days.  Be aware of your souroundings, and wear a helmet on the ups when there is potential danger overhead!     


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