Rock Creek low elevation snow

Rock Creek
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Sunday, December 15, 2019 - 9:00pm
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37° 27' 55.656" N, 118° 43' 46.848" W
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Quick mellow "day off" cuise up rock creek rd to take a glimpse of coverage.  Didn't get up high, just up to 9500', chilly day, -5°C at 1pm.  Not a cloud in the sky. Some visible snow transport up over the higher ridges from NW wind, but calm at lower elevations.

Dug a pit just above the rd at 9500' on ESE aspect.  Total snow depth (HS) = 35cm.  Top 7cm light fluffy new snow (fist minus) ontop of a 3cm pencil plus melt freeze crust, ontop of 10cm of 4finger rounds, ontop of 15 cm of 1 finger rounds to the ground.  Skipen=4cm, bootpen=25cm.  A relatively steep temperature gradient (from 0°C at the ground to -5°C at 20cm above the ground), somewhat suprised not to see more faceting of the snow here.  I wouldn't be surprised to find more evidence of faceting on aspects with more northerly exposure another 1000' higher.... will have to check that out on another day.  

Dug another quick hole at 9100' on NE aspect, HS=50cm, a couple of melt freeze crusts in the upper half, but again no rotten snow at all.  

Slopes below 10,000' look thin, with rocks to dodge.    

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NW wind transport Mt. Morgan S.
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