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Treasure Lakes in Rock Creek Drainage
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Thursday, February 20, 2020 - 9:45am
Treasure Lakes Peaklet 37° 23' 8.214" N, 118° 46' 1.0236" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured up Rock Creek - looped through Treasure Lakes

Conditions were firm and travel was quick.  Lakes were generally snow covered and frozen although inlets and outlets had open water.  Found nearly contiguous snow from the parking lot to Treasure Lakes peaklet (11,700ft). Most of the larger decents in the area looked like they had spotty coverage (see photos). 

Took several quick snow measurements along the tour up the lakes drainage. 

Snow depth varied from 40-80cm.  

In some places (more often northish facing creek gullies), snow was completely sugary facets (up to 4mm) down to the ground (e.g. snow depth 50cm, boot pen 40cm at 344458-4141659 below long lake) with no other structure. 

In some places (generally higher) firm crust on top was nearly unbreakable.  Crust varied from 1-8cm.  When isoloated with pole for hand pit, failed easily, often upon isolation, but isolating it took a lot of force. Areas with strong crust had a hollow sound. Crust hardness tended to be pencil. Snow below the crust varied from sugary facets (fist), to more dense decomposing snow (4-1f), but always less hard than the crust. Snow below the crust tended to be consistent in hardness to the ground, or slightly upright (increasing hardness toward the ground).  Strength of crust would often vary across a gully with micro changes in aspect and windloading so one turn would be on firm crust and the next would be breakable, or just entirely facets. Small scale variation provided a good opportunity to practice quick response survival skiing. 

No signs of significant solar radiation up high (no rollerballs), although conditions were above freezing and open running water until ~11k. 

The road was icy by 3:30 which made for a fast descent to the car. 

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Weather Observations
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25% of the sky covered by clouds
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Above Freezing
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