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Rock Creek
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Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 3:30pm
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37° 29' 28.806" N, 118° 43' 8.004" W
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It was a great day for skin wax as traveling through shady to sun affected snow caused heavy glopping on the skin track. Yesterdays N and NE winds did not transport much snow on the S &SW aspects, but did move enough snow  into depressions and gullys to  smooth out some areas.  That combined with the intense sun and warm temperatures made for pretty good skiing with residual wind skins and thicker crusts  breaking down under the solar intensity.  Sunny aspects remain supportable yet very thin at around 30cm average. Rock Creek in general seemed to have much less snow with more wind scouring (see attached photos) on the north facing terrain. From the snowpark at Rock creek there is excellent coverage on the road for xcounty skiing or skiing up the canyon. With the shrinkage and settlement of the snowpack combined with warming temps and good solar input during the height of the day, its time for another storm to build upon our good start. Keep your fingers crossed on that one. Although excited to get some lines in, with the dwindling volume of the snowpack, I'm trying to play it conservative and save the legs for hopefully the next round of snow. 

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It was very warm today, I recorded nearly 41 F at 9600 ft today at 1130am and it was in the mid 30's F at the summit of Mammoth Mountain during periods during the middle of the day today. It was fairly calm at mid elevations with light to moderate Southerly winds in the upper elevations. The harsh north winds of yesterday were certainley a contrast to the conditions of today.

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