Redone - warming and weak layers

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Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 1:00pm
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Rapid warming
37° 35' 50.892" N, 119° 1' 26.058" W
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-Toured up to Redcone Bowl from end of Old Mammoth rd. and back to check out slope warming on solar aspects and persistent deep weak layer.

-Warm sunny day, complete blue skies, no wind except for very light north gusts at ridgetop.  

-Barely enough new snow to even call it dust on crust from last night.  2-3cm of light new above 10,200'.

-Surface hoar found in upper elevations and on ridgetops above 10,000'.  2-3mm.

-Dug first pit to test slope warming on steep East facing slope at 9600', in area over rock slabs at 11am.  See attached profile.  Snowpack 1m deep, moist to ground.  ECT tests propagated cleanly and energetically at top of facet layer 45cm deep to ground.  Would not have been surpised to see a moist/wet slab avalanche result from skiing or ski cutting this slope from above at this time of day. (Didn't ski slope).

-Dug another pit on west face of Redcone bowl at 10,200', in much deeper snow pack (210cm total depth).  Facets were buried 120cm deep here, and were a mix of melt-freeze crust and facet layers.  Modified ECT test (60cm wide column instead of 90cm) failed energetically in upper layer of facets, ECTP26.  

-SE and E facing 25 degree slopes above 10,200' at noon showed some warming, and moist snow down ~30cm, ...much less moistening than expected.  These were re-freezing by 2pm.  

*Suprisingly great wintery skiing in the bowl :-) 

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