Red Mountain

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 11:30am
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Red Mountain 37° 32' 20.6448" N, 118° 44' 16.8108" W
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Toured up from the parking on Crowley Lk Drive to the top of the looker's right shoulder of Red Mountain at 10000'. Back down the same way (north aspect).

-Stuck to slopes of less than 35 degrees, treed slopes, and avoided slopes that were obviously wind loaded, steep, or had major terrain traps (like the main gullies).

-Some evidence from Tom's Place of wind transporting snow at the tops of taller peaks in the McGee area, but winds were very light out of the West on Red Mountain.

-Few signs of instability in our travels today. Kick tests were not reactive. Snow depth ranged from 120cm above the parking area to 190cm at 9600'. Multiple hand shears pulled shallow chunks of mostly unconsolidated storm snow off of denser wind blown snow with moderate force. Snowpack was low density over higher density and consisted mostly of layers of decomposing fragments and some windblown snow. Ski penetration was uniformly about 45cm deep up to 9800'. Snow pit tests had moderate results; ECT did not propagate. See attached profile.

-Snow surface on leeward slopes (NE and E locally) showed signs of wind deposits and scouring on windward features (NW and W locally). Ski penetration dropped to about 15cm above 9800' as we left the shelter of larger trees. Skiing at this elevation was on a wind crust about 15-20cm down. Crust wasn't too hard and skiing was still good. Once back in the larger trees below 9800' skiing was knee deep.

-Scattered clouds, very light winds, and cold temps (Air temp: -7).

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