Red Cone - Sensitive windslabs North facing exposed slope

Red Cone
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Saturday, February 9, 2019 - 2:30pm
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37° 35' 43.548" N, 119° 1' 35.4756" W
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Afternoon tour from Tamarack up to Red Cone and back.  Lots of wind drifts over the cross country track, but mostly easy travel.  Boot top to knee deep + trail breaking from Lake George on. Last week’s snow has settled quite a lot, 2-3’ judging from some of the settlement cones around trees around 9700’ (see attached photo).   Windy day (see attached video of W winds blowing across backside of Sherwins).  Very minor cracks in shelters slopes.  North facing slope of redcone bowl was quite sensitive, easy to trigger 8-12” fresh wind slabs just below ridgetop.  These ran on very firm old snow crust.  Can safely assume that slope has slid naturally several times today based on the relatively shallow slabs that were triggered, and the strong SW winds loading that slope. 

Dug a quick pit on sheltered NW facing slope at 9500’.  50cm of new light snow (Fist -) ontop of 4finger old snow.  Total snow depth = 345cm.  ECTX.  

Snowfall picked up late afternoon, and winds increased as well.  Cold, -11°C at 3pm at 10,000'.  

Deep snow, only able to make turns on steeper rolls, mostly skiing the skin track on the way back-out.  Would be great snow to ski on slightly steeper terrain.  

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