red cone - Late start to snow

Red Cone
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Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 4:15pm
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37° 35' 47.148" N, 119° 1' 26.3316" W
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Went for an afternoon tour up to Red Cone bowl in hopes of assessing new snowfall.  Kept delaying our departure as the snow didn't start falling as forcasted in the late morning or even early afternoon.  Winds definitely picked up around noon, and stayed strong out of the SW.  The first flakes of snow finally fell at 2:30pm.  Intensity picked up a good deal around 4pm, ~1-2" an hour.  Unfortunately just a dusting of new snow was on the ground when we started our decent back to Tamarack, and about an inch of snow was on the ground at 4:30pm at the parking lot.  Surface conditions varied tremendously as many previous observations have detailed.  Windboard to breakable crusts, to melt freeze crusts, to plenty of faceted surface snow in sheltered trees.  Dug a pit on the east facing slope below Red Cone ridge at 10,200' to check out potential underlying weak layers.  Faceted rounds were abundant, found the mid-December rain crust, but compression tests showed no failures what-so-ever.  See attached profile.  Exposed ice around cliffs above approach gully is a good thing to keep in mind and avoid accidently skiing over (see attached photo).  No signs of instability at this time ... with heavier amounts of snowfall accumulation and wind things are bound to get spicier tonight.     

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