Punta Bardini - wide spread wind deposits

Punta Bardini
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Friday, January 17, 2020 - 3:30pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 36' 21.9276" N, 118° 57' 53.3772" W
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Toured up Punta Bardini this afternoon to check on new snow instabilities.  Wind effects were much more widespread than usual, with denser wind deposited snow all along the skin track that follows close to the western ridge line.  Did dozens of hand pits along the way, almost all of which failed with easy force, and some on isolation.  See attached video.  Mostly all had structure of 4 finger snow (1-6") ontop of fist snow (4-8") ontop of the old firm snow surface.  Failures all occured mid-way in the fist snow layer.  The bonding between the old firm snow surface and the snow above was quite good.  If an avalanche was triggered on a steep slope with this structure I'm sure it would fail at that mid-way failure point, but then run on the old snow surface once it got going.  Only shooting cracks that I could trigger were near the summit, and went out about 3-4ft.  The deepest point on deposition I could find was near the summit ridge and was 2ft.  New snow depth ranged mostly from ~20cm (lower elevations) - 45cm.  Dug a quick test pit in sheltered trees at ~9300' to check on storm slab, and found 30cm of new right-side-up first hard snow ontop of faceted grains.  2 ECT tests did not fail.  Found the entrances to both bardini chutes to be suprisingly heavily wind effected with large irregular drifts amoungst stripped surfaces.  Ski cuts along the upper convexities produced no results.  Skied in the middle of the old growth trees to skiers left telebowl.  Soft unconsolidated snow in the more sheltered trees away from the more open trees near the ridge.  20cm dust or slightly breakable wind deposit ontop of the irregular old surface in the bowl (irregular from all the previous tracks).      

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