Punta Bardini - New snow

Punta Bardinin - Old Growth
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Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 5:00pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 36' 20.8476" N, 118° 57' 54.4608" W
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Toured up Punta Bardini late this afternoon from the Propane tanks up to summit and back down old growth (7900-10,000').  Mostly cloudy skies to start, cleared to partly cloudy and some sunshine.  Moderate winds in the open low flats and over the summit ridge, and light to moderate winds across the exposed rib at most elevations keeping snow deposit there minimal.  ~20cm or less of new snow above 9000', more in wind deposited areas, less in wind stripped.  Below 8500' only a few inches ontop of moist old dense snow.  Didn't come across any significant wind loaded areas, and all the hand pits I dug along the tour in areas of deeper deposit all showed the new somewhat dense snow firmly bonded to the old surface.  No shooting cracks.  Ski cut across the top of the main bardini shoot without result.  Winds were definitely transporting snow in more exposed areas, and from reports in the Sherwins in steeper and more exposed terrain conditions were much less stable.  Temperatures were dropping considerably in the evening, into the upper 20s at 8000' around 5:30pm.  Consistent enjoyable turns from top to bottom.   

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