Punta Bardini

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Friday, March 9, 2018 - 4:00pm
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37° 36' 40.32" N, 118° 57' 41.04" W
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Tromped over sage and manzanita to 9900' on Punta Bardini this afternoon looking for wind slab development on the Sherwin Ridge and to look at the persistent weak layer in the sheltered mid-slope trees. The snow is waning fast below ~9000' on all aspects with snow depths between 60 and 70cm and lots of bushes poking through. A few isolated areas of wind drifting along the top of the ridge during the strongest periods of SW wind. Winds were generally light to moderate but most of the movable snow had been used up yesterday.

The persistent layers are still large and loose at the bottom of the snowpack between 50 and 100cm down. CT tests on W-NW-N-NE aspects on the way up failed consistently on this layer. ETCP in these facets on a sheltered N aspect mid-slope (see profile). No whuphing or cracking anywhere. No other signs of instability. It seems that these layers haven't become a non-problem, but they do seem to be slowly improving. Probing to the top found the facets all the way up on N aspects.

Skiing down wasn't so great. Melt-freeze crusts have developed on all but dead N aspects above 9000', and all aspects below 9000' had either melt-freeze crusts or moist transitional snow. Obstacles abound below about 9400'. "Skiing" down the moraines to the propane tanks was kick truning over brush.

Increasing clouds and moisture through the afternoon. Surface winds were mostly calm to light, light to moderate winds aloft with occasional gusts strong enough to move the remaining snow available for transport. Temps hovered about 5-10 degrees above freezing

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