New Snow, light winds int he Lundy area

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Friday, March 26, 2021 - 12:15pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
38° 0' 51.246" N, 119° 13' 34.9788" W
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I toured to the summit of Gillcrest peak today to get a look at multiple aspects and elevations and get a feel for new snow totals in the Lundy areas.

The road was plowed/ clear to the dam closure and about an inch of new snow was present at the lake level.

I ascended deer creek and made my way up the Southeast side of Gilcrest, rounding into the upper part of the east chute at around 10500’ and observed a very thin and moist isothermal snowpack on the more southerly aspect.  There was sufficient snow to make an ascent here, but I would be hard-pressed to try and descend. I suspect the remaining snow will disappear fast.

New snow totals at upper elevations averaged 3-5” with a variety of crust layers below. I poked around on several terrain features that may have seen some loading from last night's strong NE winds and while I observed several signs of wind transport, (sastrugi, drifting, and some reactive pillows) I did not observe any concerning fresh wind slabs. Descending the east chute I was able to trigger several small loose dry avalanches and the skiing could be best described as dust on crust. After making my way from my highpoint down to about 10500’ I shifted gears and traversed to the NE side of Gillcrest hoping that the more northerly terrain may have resisted the recent melt and provide a bit more forgiving ride. I found a sheltered Northerly chute and decided to descend this down to the lake. A more thin and breakable crust was present under the new snow here but it was a much more pleasant sliding surface. Well-bonded bouncy pow.

 At lower elevations <~9000’~ snow surfaces became a bit sticky and moist. But the thin coverage that exists currently was supportable and navigating through the bushes and rocks was not too difficult.

Apart from the small loose dry activity, I did not observe any signs of instability today though I suspect there are isolated areas of reactive wind slab in the alpine. Although finding southerly-facing terrain with enough coverage to make for a reasonable outing may be a challenge.  

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It was a stunning day in the hills today with clear skies and warm temperatures.  Moderate N winds in the morning dropped off significantly by the afternoon. 

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