New snow conditions, Hemlock Ridge

Hemlock Ridge
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Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 10:00am
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Hemlock Ridge 37° 44' 38.7168" N, 119° 6' 10.0692" W
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Toured up Hemlock Ridge out of the resort this morning.  Skinning up the ridge above 9600', hand shears failed easily or upon isolation on northernly aspects.  Dug a hasty pit on a NNE aspect 36 degree slope at 9900' in spaced trees.  HS > 320cm.  (0) F+ wind deposited graupel (2) F soft new powder (20) 4F wind deposited snow (35) F soft powder (45) 1F old snow.  CTM 11 Q1 @ 35cm ECTP 11 @ 35cm, bottom of the 4F.  The block from the extended column test slid easily when tugged on and broke in half- see photo.  This is the same interface that was failing on hand shears.  Great powder skiing down to the 4 seasons TH.  Caught a ride back to the resport and went for a second lap.  Snow on NW aspect below 9800' skiing out of the reort towards Yost Creek had settled and warmed significantly by noon.  The snow below 8800' on N facing slopes had also settled and wamred but still skiied well.  


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