Negatives - Hemlock

Behind June
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Friday, January 27, 2017 - 3:30pm
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37° 44' 38.1408" N, 119° 7' 7.338" W
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-Route:  Off of top of June up hourglass, across top of negatives ridge, down first main solar-bowl chute, up Hemlock, down to fern grotto and down treed slopes to Rd.

-Evidence of overnight and morning N to E winds up above 10,500'.  Many handpits dug along route, areas without overlying windslab no layers of concern detected.  

-Areas with denser overlying newer windslab: typical thickness from 1-5cm, Pencil hard over Fist plus.  Handshears failed with moderate force, with variable shear qualities.  Some thinner (2-3cm) areas failed with easy force.  None of the thicker spots tested failed with much energy.  

-Did an ECT in one of the more suspect areas we could find with a thicker (5cm) slab, 3 ECT tests did not propagate, but failed with 12-13 taps under that windslab layer.  (indicating low propagation propensity).  10,500', N facing, 36 degrees.  

-CT test at top of NW facing chute (11,200'), 40 degree slope, heavily windloaded from previous SW winds = CTX.  {Pencil to 1Fplus hardness atleast 90cm down.)  Welded.

-Skied SE facing sunny line at 1:15pm, no noticeable moistening at surface, slight softening.  Creamy.

-More north facing aspects seemed more wind effected.  

-Western ridgeline of hemlock ridge had obvious wind-board.  Treed slopes had smooth consolidated powder all the way to Rd level.

-Light to moderate north winds at ridgetop (11,000') at 1pm.  Not much wind lower down below rdige.  Visibile snow banner off the top of Mt. Ritter and a couple other 12,000' ridges nearby.  (see attached photo)

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